Struct rustml::gaussian::Gaussian [] [src]

pub struct Gaussian<T> {
    // some fields omitted

Contains all parameters to describe a Gaussian distribution, i.e. the mean and the variance.

Given a set of samples the parameters can be estimated for all types for which the trait Gaussian is implemented.


impl<T: Float> Gaussian<T>

fn new(mean: T, var: T) -> Gaussian<T>

Creates a gaussian distribution from the given mean mean and the variance var.

Trait Implementations

impl GaussianFunctions<f32> for Gaussian<f32>

fn mean(&self) -> f32

fn var(&self) -> f32

fn std(&self) -> f32

fn pr(&self, x: f32) -> f32

impl GaussianFunctions<f64> for Gaussian<f64>

fn mean(&self) -> f64

fn var(&self) -> f64

fn std(&self) -> f64

fn pr(&self, x: f64) -> f64